Image of The Mighty Quinns: Callum


Image of The Mighty Quinns: Callum
THE MIGHTY QUINNS: CALLUM (4) by Kate Hoffmann: The story of the Australian brothers reared on an outback cattle station continues with Cal, the oldest. Unlike his brothers, he's never left home and plans to always be a rancher. Cal wants a wife, but there are no potential mates in the area. Then genealogist Gemma Moynihan comes from Ireland to research the Quinns. She's interested in their great-great-great-grandfather, who came from England as a petty thief and had also been accused of stealing an heirloom from a lord. Gemma is illegitimate and wants to be acknowledged by the man she thinks was her father -- the current lord. But when Cal and Gemma fall for each other, she has to decide what she wants most. This is another wonderful, romantic, sexy story about the Quinns and their women.
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Page Traynor