Image of The Mighty Quinns: Cameron


Image of The Mighty Quinns: Cameron

THE MIGHTY QUINNS: CAMERON (4) by Kate Hoffmann: It’s Seattle-based Quinn sibling Cameron’s turn to see what his six-week “self-made life” — imposed by his grandfather — has to offer in Vulture Creek, N.M. Upon arrival he meets the exotic and intriguing Sofie Reyes, former cop and current private investigator. He secures a job assisting her while they investigate a local councilman’s possible affair and shady business dealings. But as the investigation progresses, all is not what it seems on the surface, and both Cameron and Sofie begin to re-evaluate the challenges — or lack of — in their own lives. While this book has a slow start, once the couple hits the investigative beat it moves at a hotter pace — one that will whisk readers straight to the end.

Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson