Image of The Mighty Quinns: Dermot


Image of The Mighty Quinns: Dermot

THE MIGHTY QUINNS: DERMOT (4.5) by Kate Hoffmann: Another branch of the Mighty Quinn family includes Dermot, Cameron and Kieran, three men fulfilling their familial legacy. Given only a bus ticket, one hundred dollars and the instructions to find his own passion, Dermot is sent to Kentucky for six weeks to find out who he really is. In need of a job and a place to live, he runs into a local goat farmer, Rachel Howe, who is also a bit reluctantly fulfilling her own familial legacy. She takes him in, having use for his strength and an extra set of hands — and his washboard abs and sexy mouth. This truly delightful tale packs in the heat and a lot of heart at the same time.

Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson