Image of The Mighty Quinns: Jack


Image of The Mighty Quinns: Jack
THE MIGHTY QUINNS: JACK (4) by Kate Hoffmann: Continuing famed Irish author Aileen Quinn’s inquiry to find her long-lost family, this edition of The Mighty Quinns lands in America, where Aileen’s brother’s descendants, Elyse and her 30-something son Jack, take a trip to San Diego. There, the widowed Elyse reconnects with an old family friend, Ben McMahon, and a romance blooms. Meanwhile, Jack is instantly attracted to Ben’s daughter Mia, creating an awkward situation. But that doesn’t stop the two from striking up a “friends with benefits” situation for the visit, which quickly turns to love. If you can get past the idea of a potential step-sibling coupling, this story is charming and sexy.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson