Image of The Mighty Quinns: Logan


Image of The Mighty Quinns: Logan
THE MIGHTY QUINNS: LOGAN (4) by Kate Hoffmann: A new collection of stories in The Mighty Quinns series begins with elderly Irish author Aileen Quinn discovering she has surviving family — family she would like to share her fortune with. The first heir readers meet is an Australian great-nephew, Logan Quinn, a struggling horse breeder forced to sell his favorite filly to keep his operation running. In travels to deliver the horse to its new owner, he meets the wealthy and notorious equestrian Sunny Grant, a “manic pixie dreamgirl” type, whom he can’t resist. She stows away in his camper, and the two fall into a sex- and fun-fueled adventure while traveling across the Australian outback, becoming the inspiration they both need to further their goals in life. This is definitely an entertaining start to the series!
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson