Image of The Mighty Quinns: Malcolm


Image of The Mighty Quinns: Malcolm

THE MIGHTY QUINNS: MALCOLM (4.5) by Kate Hoffmann: On this limb of the Quinn family tree is adventurer Malcolm Quinn, whose father’s body has been found on Mt. Everest. The media want a story that Malcolm doesn’t want to give them. But when he inadvertently meets American journalist Amy Engalls — who is seeking a career-making scoop — two stories begin to merge. The emotional connection and physical pull Malcolm feels for Amy is unlike anything he’s ever felt before, and his diversionary tactic to climb a local mountain leads to an adventure neither of them will ever forget. The author continues to do a wonderful job with her beloved Quinn family saga. A perfectly paced page-turner, this setup novel for the New Zealand Quinns is firmly in place and off to a great start.

Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson