Eden Ross is a spoiled, shallow Paris Hilton-like heiress, waiting with apprehension for a sex tape of her to hit the news. Her father's wealth has allowed her to party through Europe, but this last episode might mean the end of his support. Serious Marcus Quinn, who comes from a working-class background, is now a top boat designer and restorer. He's working on a boat for Eden's father, and when Eden comes to hide on it, Marcus has to decide whether to tell her dad. The Mighty Quinns: Marcus (3), by Kate Hoffmann, is strong in background and attractive men. The writing is enjoyable, but Marcus' willingness to give up his future for this unpleasant young woman, even though there is a late attempt to change her, makes him the male equivalent of TSTL -- too stupid to live -- which takes away enjoyment.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor