Image of Military Man (Fortunes of Texas: Reunion Book 10)


Image of Military Man (Fortunes of Texas: Reunion Book 10)

Tracking down his cousin Jason Wilkes, an elusive killer, isn't a job Army Ranger Collin Jamison relishes. But when Jason's FBI agent brother asks for Collin's help, he can't refuse. Meeting medical student Lucy Gatling along the way is a mixed blessing. Her assistance is vital to finding Jason, but Lucy is a dead ringer for Collin's ex-fiancee, and the fiery attraction between them is distracting. Both of their hearts are closely guarded, and there's little hope of establishing anything permanent -- even if their careers allowed for it. Marie Ferrarella's Military Man (4) cranks up the suspense by lending insight into Jason and his vendetta against the Fortunes. The humor and sizzle between Lucy and Collin are a welcome respite from the slightly grim plot details.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer