Sam Winter's brother, Jesse, is scheduled to hang for the murder of his wife. Sam is on his way to Huntsville Prison for hiding his brother, but he's determined to escape and prove Jesse's innocence. With the sheriff carrying a grudge against Jesse, Sam is Jesse's only chance.

The two deputies escorting Sam are easily tricked and left tied and unconscious, but as Sam rides out, he discovers his escape has been witnessed by spoiled beauty Millie Lively. Unwilling to risk leaving her behind, Sam takes Millie with him.

Millie has led a pampered life as the only child of wealthy Horace Lively and she lets Sam know that "roughing it" isn't her style. In spite of her complaints, Sam begins to see that behind Millie's fragile beauty hides great spirit, and Millie becomes convinced that Sam is telling the truth.

Millie decides that Sam is the man she wants to marry. All she has to do is convince Sam and find the murderer.

Ms. Ireland's frivolous, feisty Millie, with her string of eleven discarded fiancs, keeps the reader smiling through this lively western romance. Poor Sam doesn't stand a chance. SENSUAL (Aug., 383 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce