Image of A Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet


Image of A Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet

Erotica is at its best in the opener to Parker’s Million Dollar Duet series. Super-sexy with snappy dialogue, this wonderful Cinderella tale begins the search for Lanie and Noah’s HEA. Lanie’s humorous approach to body parts tickles the funny bone and offsets Noah’s staid demeanor. The sequel cannot arrive fast enough.

Delaine Talbot’s mother is dying. She requires a heart transplant, and the family no longer has health insurance. To raise money, Lanie participates in an auction to sell the only commodity she has: her virginity. Noah Crawford is the lucky bidder who wins a two-year contract for a cool two million. In exchange for the money, Lanie must meet all his demands for the duration — except explaining why she needs the money. Although he gives his reasons for purchasing a companion, she unmasks a deeper motivation. Lanie is more than Noah could have hoped for, both in the bedroom and out. She’s just sassy enough to keep him on his toes while he falls for her charms. (BANTAM, Sep., 368 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown