Image of Million-Dollar Nanny


Image of Million-Dollar Nanny
MILLION-DOLLAR NANNY (4.5) by Jacqueline Diamond Rafe Montoya is having a hard time raising his 4-year-old twin niece and nephew after his brother and sister-in-law died in a fire, especially the rambunctious Juan. Former society girl Sherry LaSalle, who lives across the street from Rafe, is flat broke after her fiance ran off with her millions, and she can't even get a job as a cashier at the local superstore. When the twins' daycare provider gets sick and Sherry and Juan hit it off, will everyone's problems be solved? It's delightful to see Sherry become more self-reliant and Rafe softened by love over the course of this extremely touching, beautifully written story.
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Whitney Kate Sullivan