Image of Millionaire in a Stetson


Image of Millionaire in a Stetson
MILLIONAIRE IN A STETSON (3) by Barbara Dunlop: After her wild-child mother dies, Niki Gerard flees Washington and the people who want her mother’s missing diaries. She heads west to meet the brothers she’s never known. Nestled safely in the bosom of the Terrell family, Sawyer Layton can’t believe Niki could topple his family’s political powerhouse. Under the guise of a new neighbor, Sawyer insinuates himself into Niki’s life and soon finds he is willing to protect her against everyone — even his own family. As the pair scrambles to find the missing diaries, their relationship, built on a lie, builds and bounces as the intrigue thickens. Dunlop’s smooth plotting and likable characters do a lot to overcome a frustratingly flat climax.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper