Image of The Millionaire's Convenient Bride


Image of The Millionaire's Convenient Bride
At 17, Hester Ward developed a crush on the mysterious Connah Carey Jones. Ten years later she becomes a nanny to a young child and finds the single father is her mad crush! She quickly falls under his spell and adores his daughter Lowri. But something feels out of kilter. Connah seems to have an obsession about security where Lowri is concerned. When he asks her to marry him, Hester is quite surprised. Will they make it to the altar when secrets Connah hasn't shared with Hester begin to spill out? Catherine George's hero has enormous magnetism. The Millionaire's Convenient Bride (4.5) contains an intriguing mystery of sorts that never interferes with the developing relationship -- which simmers with restrained passion that eventually explodes.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers