Image of The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave


Image of The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave
Five years after her husband, Ray, died, Sharni Johnson is ready to move on. At a Sydney restaurant, she's shocked to see a man who's the spitting image of her husband. Since Ray was adopted, Sharni wonders if the men are related. Although architect Adrian Palmer declares it impossible, he's instantly attracted to Sharni. They have a passion-filled weekend, and Sharni returns home, thinking it was only a fling. Adrian hopes for more, but can Sharni love him for who he is and not because he reminds her of Ray? Miranda Lee starts off The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave (4) with a wonderful first line and spins it into a great tale. There are some interesting twists as passion and desire lead to unexpected love.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers