Mim Warner is a coolhunter, or trend analyzer, whose career is in jeopardy. Her latest predictions are bad—as in accordion rock and snuff boxes—and her behavior is so outlandish that her partner forms a Mim-watch to keep her in line.

Meghan Resnick, Mim's chief supporter, capitulates to the scheme after discovering evasive Mim with a police scanner. When Meghan spots Mim with dead bodies and a link to her own ex-boyfriend, Ian, the antics escalate. Meghan and Ian's trials are put on the back burner while she follows Mim. And the rest of Mim's crew have their own agendas.

Messina follows the success of Tallulahland and Fashionistas with a zany, warm and poignant read that entertains and satisfies. (Mar., 279 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown