Image of Mind Games (The Incognito Series, Book 11)


Image of Mind Games (The Incognito Series, Book 11)

Mind Games, the 11th entry in the Incognito Series, is disappointing. The relationship between the primary characters is very improbable. The hero’s poisonous jealousy, along with the heroine’s emotional fragility, makes them an unsuited couple. The dialogue supports the suspense element of the storyline, but the characters’ inner thoughts seem more melodramatic than enlightening. Readers will be impressed with the suspense plot, but will ultimately be disappointed in the character development.

For the last 20 years Jocelyn Dominica has performed detached psychiatric evaluations on all field operatives of a shadowy government agency, Network, deciding if they live or die. Now Jocelyn is on the chopping block, as a life-threatening illness leaves her vulnerable to the Committee’s scrutiny. Chase Giovanni, Jocelyn’s ex-husband and superior, has never stopped loving her and wants to spend her last moments together. However, investigations from today and the past will rock the foundation of Network and place Jocelyn in danger. Can Chase earn Jocelyn’s trust again or will her wariness be her own death sentence? (WHISKEY CREEK, Oct., 301 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart