While the fledgling country fights for freedom, one indomitable woman struggles for independence. Eden Pembrook has run her familys plantation for years, turning down seven suitors. She is not only protective of her own independence, but is fierce in her loyalty to the Patriots. But as soon as she and Sebastian Saber cross words her world changes.

Its hard to tell where Sebastians loyalties lie. Is he a Tory spying for the British or a Patriot working to sabotage them? Eden decides to follow her head, not her heart, and attempts to ignore her growing interest in Sebastian.

Sebastian cannot forget the fiery Rebel Angel. His work as a double agent continually brings them together and then thrusts them apart. He is ordered to kidnap Eden, but first they share a night of intense love.

The passion and desire that flare between Eden and Sebastian cannot be stopped. Eden and Sebastian face ruthless villains, intrigues, schemes, near fatal injuries and family problems before they can share the glory of love.

Carol Finch has the ability to combine thrilling adventure, fascinating history and passionate romance into one splendid read. MINE FOREVER is just another in her long line of masterful romances that entice readers into turning the pages. SENSUAL. (Feb., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin