If you thought Rejar was the sexiest stud you ever met between the covers of a book, wait until you get a load of Gian Ren, his exotic half-brother and full-blooded Familiar.

It was a mad plan. But what other choice did Jenise have? As a virgin she would play right into the hands of evil dictator Karpon who plans to rule through her as his puppet. The only way to avoid this fate worse than death is to lose her virginity, and quickly!

What better way to accomplish this goal than to avail herself of the services of a fabulous Familiar, reputed to be the best lovers in the galaxy? Especially when there just happens to be one imprisoned in Karpons dungeon. After all, she can help him escape in exchange for this small favor.

Gian, of course, has his own ideas about what to do with the lovely lady. Not only will he take her to freedom, but he will teach her to look at no one but him, no matter what it takes. And along the way, he will fulfill an unexpected destiny as Guardian of the Mist.

Hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July, this fiery gem of a love story is another spectacular landmark in the shooting star career of one of the romance genres most fabulous talents. (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer