Image of Mine Until Morning


Image of Mine Until Morning

Haynes’ second collection about the men and women at an exclusive escort service is a smoking-hot ride on the wild side. Readers will love the complicated characters and smoking romances.

In “The Only Way Out,” Dani Dawson is drowning in debt and her only way out is to pick up more jobs from Courtesans, the escort service she worked for at the time of her husband’s death from cancer. What she does not count on is her husband’s brother, Mac, setting off one smoking-hot romance. In “The Wrong Kind of Man,” Cleo Carpenter needs a break from life, and courtesan Walker Randall is just the man for the job; but while he may be perfect for a sizzling affair, he may not be a forever kind of guy. Finally, in “No Second Chances,” Courtesans madam Isabel reunites with her first and only love Royce to find out if the heat they generate is worth a second chance (HEAT, Dec., 336 pp., 15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper