Anthony Ewing, son of an ultra wealthy investor in Peerless Studios, arrives to help the unflappable Martin Tafft when his new movie hits a sizeable financial snag thanks to the exasperating and uncooperative Marigold Pottersby. Mari actually ownsand refuses to rentthe abandoned silver mine chosen as the setting for the film.

Tony cant understand Maris loyalty to her obsessed, neglecting father, nor her fierce need to keep working a mine thats never produced anything of monetary value. He resists his attraction to stubborn, independent Mari, but is compelled to stay.

His rude but attractive presence convinces Mari to accept a rental agreement and even the leading role Martin offers her. The filming promises to be a success, until obvious sabotage threatens to ruin it, also endangering Maris life.

Alice Duncan offers interesting period detail, appealing characters and plenty of comic highlights, but Mari and Anthonys prolonged resistance to their mutual attraction is unexplained and rather puzzling. SensuaL (Sep., 244 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger