Emilee Clarke is happy to marry the towns minister, Randall Greene. As a ministers wife, she will give her the respectability she hungers for and finally put aside her mothers shame.

But Randalls vicious rages are impossible to deal with, and a chance meeting with Jared Burke, the prodigal son of her beloved adopted parents, changes her life. Returning home after years of work and travel, Jared is ready to deal with his feelings for his father and a secret from the past. He plans to rebuild his mothers home and expand his business, not meet a woman like Emilee.

Emilees first reaction to Jared is fear. She has a place to uphold in town and a scandalous past she must bury. The more they ignore one another, the more they are drawn together. Old secrets, blackmail, madness and lies lead Emilee and Jared to find a love that transcends all shame and the past.

With great power and a true understanding of deep emotions, fears, longings and love, Delia Parr delivers another unique love story that etches itself in your heart. SENSUAL (Sep., 306 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin