MIRACLE OF LOVE is a beautiful, tender and touching story that is sure to delight fans of special author Victoria Chancellor. A wonderful reading experience.

Grant Kirby, CEO of his family's multimillion dollar Houston real estate company, is looking to escape the pressures of daily life with a weekend getaway in Galveston. Discovering a mysterious young woman and her child in his security-guarded apartment is not what he had in mind.

Irish immigrant Erina O'Shea is desperate for a miracle. Her two-month-old son Colin was born with a heart defect, and doctors say there is nothing to be done. Erina was raped by her employer, wealthy lawyer Jerrold Kirby; but in 1896 Galveston, who is going to listen to a young maid? With her strong Catholic faith, Erina takes Colin and prays fervently for help in St. Mary's Cathedral. As the candles flicker, she is catapulted into the future.

Despite his shock at finding the young woman in his house, Grant quickly decides that questions and answers can come later, for little Colin looks on the verge of death. Racing to the hospital, Erina realizes that something very strange has happened, but she trusts that St. Mary has sent her to the one person able to save her son.

Grant swiftly finds himself becoming very attached to baby Colin and his beautiful young mother. And though he can't swallow her story of time-travel or the fact that his great-grandfather is Colin's father, Colin certainly resembles the Kirbys. Threatened interference by child welfare and the immigration department force Grant and Erina to look for unconventional ways to keep Colin safe. The power of love and faith sent Erina to Grant for assistance, but will that love be enough to keep her by his side?

(Oct., 362 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith