Image of Miracle Road: An Eternity Springs Novel


Image of Miracle Road: An Eternity Springs Novel

The seventh entry in the Eternity Springs series, this book is designed for the reader who has plenty of stress in real life and needs to go to a lovely fantasy place of peace — where all traumas can be overcome and all bruised and broken hearts healed. It is not a place of nail-biting plots and furious passions, but a place where goodness can triumph and love can prevail. It’s a real good place to visit.

Lucca Romano, star athlete and coach, thought he could keep it together after a terrible accident struck his team, but two years later he cracks and goes to Mexico to be a beach bum. His family talks him into coming home to Eternity Springs to help his mom set up a B&B. He does not count on meeting his next-door neighbor, Hope Montgomery. He is very attracted, and envisions a pleasant interlude. Little does he know that Hope is battling her own demons, trying to build a new life for herself. Can these two wounded souls see each other with eyes blinded by pain? Will the angels of Eternity Springs work their magic once again? (BALLANTINE, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan