Fasten your seat belts because youre in for a wild and wacky ride with this amazingly funny and suspenseful debut novel. Ms. Bartholomew has created a magnificent take-no-prisoners heroine who is a true delight. Heres hoping readers are treated to further adventures of the awesome Sierra and Detective Nailor.

Exotic dancer Sierra Lavotini never intended to become an amateur sleuth, but when her co-worker Denise Curtis is in trouble, she has to help. Someone kidnapped Denise's dog Arlo and is holding him for $100,000 ransom. After closing down the Tiffany Club where they both work, Sierra and Denise head to Denise's room to plot a strategy. But once they get inside of the room, they find a dead body. Denise insists she has never seen the man before, but Sierra and the police have their doubts.

Panama City Police Detective John Nailor figures that Sierra is going to be trouble from the get go and boy is he right. When Denise also disappears, Sierra she sets out with her chihuahua Fluffy and batty neighbor Raydean to track down Denise's ex-husband. Leon Corvase is one nasty dude and, unfortunately, he also seems to be looking for Denise.

As Sierra wades deeper into this messy case, she also continues her war of wills and wiles with Det. Nailor.

(Nov., 228 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith