The Holy Family Church's prayer group members are under siege. George discovers that he has only months to live. Lydia's newspaper job is threatened by a devious editor. Bonnie's animal shelter is served with eviction papers. A teenage boy makes a foolish choice to drink and drive, and a single mom loses her home to a fire.

Worst of all, the whole city is under siege by a murderous sniper, and the police force, especially lead investigator Steve Mason, is besieged by a frightened public and hostile media. Only consistent faith and prayer can unravel the schemes of evil and bring about good.

Marshall's plot has predictable moments, but the pacing is good. The characters aren't deep, but they don't lack charm either. This is fun tale for a cozy winter afternoon read. (Feb., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson