This enchanting story has fully developed characters and a fast, exciting plot. Not only are the suspense elements expertly intertwined into the historical setting, the romance between the protagonists is sensual and tender too. The vivid description of the landscape showcases the author's extensive research. A strong storyline, engaging characters and seductive love scenes make this a must-read.

Half-English, half-Bedouin Sheik Altair Mazir has promised to guide budding archaeologist Alexandra Talbot through the merciless desert. Although the desert is familiar and comforting, headstrong Alexandra is a temptation he would rather do without.

Alexandra promised her father that she would find the lost city of Ramesses II. She doesn't realize her search is part of an ancient prophecy that will bring prosperity to the Mazir tribe. But someone doesn't want the lost city found, and danger lurks in a barren landscape with nowhere to hide. (SamhainPublishing.com, dl $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart