Celebrity look-alike Aurora Alexander finds her life in peril because she looks like famed actress and talk show host, Marsha Chambers. Upon leaving the studio after being a guest on Ms. Chambers' show, Aurora is almost kidnapped, but television producer Duncan West comes to her rescue. From the moment she looks into his eyes, Aurora knows she's lost her heart to the handsome TV honcho.

Aurora attracts Duncan as much as Marsha repulses him. Where Marsha is cruel, Aurora is kind and loving. After getting a death threat meant for Marsha, Aurora agrees to fill in for Marsha on the show until the stalker is caught. Wishing for the case to be solved quickly, Duncan longs for the day he can have Aurora safe and happy in his arms.

Shirley Hailstock, veteran award-winning author, has created a novel rife with romance, suspense and intrigue sure to please even the most discriminating reader. (June, 283 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson