Image of Mirror, Mirror


Image of Mirror, Mirror

Fairy tales are the inspiration for this year’s splendid edition of the annual anthology from this most talented quintet. Once again the tales range from historical to futuristic, with each delivering an engaging story brushed with a touch of magic or otherworldliness. This annual gem should be on your auto-buy list!

In Robb’s “Taken In Death,” the kidnapping of two kids by an “evil witch” forces Lt. Eve Dallas to follow an electronic trail to find them. In Blayney’s “If Wishes Were Horses,” a magical gold coin and mysterious healing power bring housemaid Martha Stepp and Sergeant Jack Tresbere into contact. Fox’s “Beauty, Sleeping” features a curse trapping a man in a ghostly state within his house. The arrival of new homeowner Cassandra shakes things up! In MacComas’ “The Christmas Comet,” Natalie’s determination to help those less fortunate gets her into some unusual circumstances. In Ryan’s “Stroke of Midnight,” breaking free of her stepmother’s orbit takes Sydney to her father’s hometown in Ireland — and the chance for an unexpected relationship. (JOVE, Oct., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith