This deep, probing
story should not be missed. A sequel to
Hill's Ice Queen, this page-turner
continues the characters' stories
while addressing how people heal
after going through traumas. Marguerite's painful childhood is
discussed, and there is brief female-
on-female and group sex.

Marguerite is sick and tired of how arrogant Tyler is becoming. He's pushing her around in ways that no one else would ever dare to do. Tyler is one of the most sought-after doms in the Zone, the club they both belong to.

Tyler's confident that Marguerite is a submissive in hiding, so to speak, and proceeds to break down her barriers, one by one. Marguerite's not entirely sure she can trust him, and her pain is so deep that she's certain she can't open herself to Tyler's love or the powerful feelings that she has toward him. (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling