These connected stories featuring the town of Moonstone, Wis., are full of
fun dialogue and strange high jinks. Romance is combined with mystery or the paranormal. The inhabitants are quirky, and the anthology format highlights the differences in tone and demeanor displayed by the characters. Overall, a good read. Four stories ("When Rudolph Was Kidnapped," "Misbehavin' in Moonstone," "Mrs. Claus and the Moonstone Murder" and "When the Dead People Brought a Dish-to-Pass") are reissues that were previously reviewed.

Grocer Margie Mueller believes that she and her fiance Tony Farina want different things from life. It's up to Tony to show her they can still have "A Moonstone Wedding." (Whiskey Creek, Mar., 375 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart