One of Signet's top new stars of Regency romance continues her meteoric rise to prominence with a beautifully crafted tale of a young beauty who triumphs over adversity to choose her own happiness.

The situation of the new Earl of Rand is grim. Left penniless by his profligate father, his only recourse is to agree to a marriage of convenience proposed by a wealthy shipping merchant. The only problem is the bride, who is currently living in France with her mother's family.

To that end, the earl's illegitimate brother Tristan Thibault is dispatched to fetch her back to England. Formerly a spy and now a British diplomat, Tristan is uniquely qualified to make his way through the French countryside.

Nothing, however, prepares Tristan for the reality of Madelaine Harcourt. A fiery beauty with an unyielding spirit, this lady gives as good as she gets. And she has no intention of settling for any other husband than Tristan himself.

A magnificent storyteller, Ms. Miller creates vibrant, fresh characters who unerringly win their way into your heart. Put this heroine on your favorites list. (May, 224 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer