Bounty-hunting vampire Sable Taylor is in competition with another vampire, Special Task Force agent Derek Atkinson, even though they are, basically, on the same side. Sable catches criminals for money; Derek does it for justice.

Derek has wanted Sable for two years. Catching her breaking the law, he is able to convince her to join him -- but only sexually. Sable would like to be more to Derek, but she has secrets that cannot be shared -- secrets that would change his opinion of her, and not for the better. When Sable's master returns and threatens Derek, she's willing to give up her happiness to assure his. But Sable isn't the only one with secrets.

First in a new series, this is a good story with an interesting plot. It has well-developed characters who are enjoyable to share time with. Although the sex is what one expects of an erotic romance, it sadly overshadows the plot, which shows promise but lacks development, leaving you wishing there was more to it. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley