If opposites attract, MISMATCHED MOMMY (4.5) should have been finished on the first page. A pediatrician, who is raising his two-year-old son alone and looking to adopt more and start a big family, meets his next door neighbor who wants a quiet peaceful life without children and a man who wants the same. Mary Anne Wilson's clever characters and touches of magic make this a joy.

A rancher has decided he and his brothers could use some women around, so he takes on the job of COWBOY CUPID (4). First on his list is his youngest brother, who has sworn to remain single, and a feisty decorator who feels much the same. Judy Christenberry starts off her new 4 Brides for 4 Brothers with a bang.

A near-death experience changes the life of a type-A realtor, and she wants the change to include the handsome photojournalist who saved her. HEAVEN CAN WAIT (3) by Emily Dalton is a super supernatural tale with wonderful secondary characters.

Ready for a well-deserved solo vacation, an engineer's life is burst upon by a runaway bride with a baby. What follows is the two joining forces with little in the way of clues to begin THE DADDY HUNT (3). Lisa Bingham gives readers a charming romance.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson