This novella has it all — an interesting plot, funny dialogue and extra hot bedroom scenes. Dylan, with his Australian-isms and foreign habits, makes a great foil to big city girl Monet. The characters find themselves in a difficult situation, but they remain loyal and honorable to their friends and family, which makes Dylan and Monet all the more likable.

After months of online chatting with his "soul mate", Dylan Sullivan flies from Australia to the U.S. to meet Annie for the first time in person. However, a miscommunication has sent Annie to his home halfway around the world. Thankfully, Annie’s best friend, Monet, is there to help fish-out-of-water Dylan navigate New York City. After several days of getting to know each other, Dylan realizes that while Annie seemed perfect online, in the flesh it is Monet that fulfills him in every way. But how can they be together if it means hurting someone they both love? (ELLORA’S CAVE, Aug., dl., $6.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne