It is refreshing to see a hero so attracted to a heroine for more than just her looks. While Theo thinks Pandora beautiful, it is her brain, love of mechanics and the grease on her hands that truly holds him captivated. Furthermore, the steampunk aspects of the story enhance the romance. The author describes the fictional world so well, that the reader can almost feel steam and hear motors clanking. This novella is a quick read, but done with such sweetness and skill that it will make the reader’s heart soar as high as the skyships that Theo pilots.

Pandora Bramble is on a mission to prove that her father’s mechanism for the Company’s airships was stolen. She sneaks onto the docked ship Daedalus to find the valve, but before she can obtain proof, she is caught in the engine room by Captain Theolonius Hatch. Theo is immediately intrigued by the intelligent woman and is so charmed by her quick wit that he does not suspect she has ulterior motives for being aboard his ship. Pandora is equally entranced by the dashing captain, but she cannot forget her plan to exonerate her father. Theo starts to court Pandora, but with a limited amount of time on leave, he is worried that they will not have enough time together. Pandora also has reservations as she must choose between a possible future with the captain and her plan for family retribution. (Samhain, dl. $3.50)
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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne