Image of Miss Dimple Suspects: A Mystery (Miss Dimple Mysteries)


Image of Miss Dimple Suspects: A Mystery (Miss Dimple Mysteries)

A cozy should make you feel good, and this one does. Characters who are good friends, a strong sense of community and a satisfying outcome make this a winner. At Christmastime during World War II, the citizens of Elderberry look out for each other and comfort those who are worried about loved ones away fighting the war. A visit to Miss Dimple’s world offers a refreshing break from today’s stresses and hectic pace.

Miss Dimple Kilpatrick is worried as she helps look for Peggy, a first-grade student who has gone missing. During the search, she meets two kind women, Mae Martha and Suzy, who lend much-needed assistance. A few days later, Miss Dimple receives a distraught phone call from Suzy that is suddenly cut short. Something is wrong. When Miss Dimple arrives, she finds that Mae Martha has been murdered. Suzy is nowhere to be found, and she becomes the prime suspect. Miss Dimple knows Suzy wouldn’t kill her friend and makes it her mission to identify the real killer. (MINOTAUR, Jan., 272 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters