Rebecca and Robin Lear's stories were told in Material Girl and Beauty Queen. Now it's time for third sister Rachel to find her man. "Professional" student and part-time weaving instructor Rachel is about to be cut off by her billionaire father if she does not start paying her own way.

Aaron Lear thinks his youngest daughter is too softhearted. She can't get rid of ex-boyfriend Myron, who keeps turning up to borrow money and her cell phone, and she even lets her best friend practice white magic on her.

Wishing for a lover with an English accent, she is pleased when Flynn Oliver enters her life. The gorgeous Brit turns up everywhere—the college bar, the convenience store, her weaving class—and he can't keep his mind—or his hands!—off of her. So the sister who once thought of herself as too fat, too unattractive and too sweet, suddenly has it all. Could it be magic, or is there more to Flynn's attraction then she knows?

London creates a wonderful story, brimming over with her marvelous sense of humor. Engaging characters and a bit of suspense add enough to keep you turning the pages. A compulsively readable, enjoyable and capable romance. (Nov., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin