Jilted at the altar, Kate Frazer doesn't wait around for an explanation when her fiancé, Lucius Jonathon Duval, Lord of Calfield, follows her to London. Humiliation and embarrassment fuel her adventurous spirit. Though she at first thought the arranged marriage with Luce gave her an excuse to escape her oppressive father, Kate now resolutely decides—finally—to take her life into her own hands. In Debbie Raleigh's Miss Frazer's Adventure (4), Luce adorably falls in love with the "new" Kate. Now if he can only gain her forgiveness and return to their hometown of Kent, where Luce imagines a wonderful, idyllic life for them both. Raleigh delivers a pleasurable read, accentuated by brilliant pacing. (Feb., 256 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor