In an exquisitely significant step forward in what promises to be an impressive career, a bright, up and coming star in the the Regency firmament proves her mettle with great distinction.

Years after the publication of his fiery diatribe on the rights of women, Roger Brentwood, Earl of Dudley, is still experiencing the sometimes unpleasant ramifications. Therefore, it comes as no real surprise when an irate gentleman invades his house and accuses him of harboring his runaway daughter. But it is definitely a surprise when the angry father proceeds to abandon the girl's unfortunate governess on his doorstep.

Miss Eden Henderson has no choice but to accept the handsome lord's assistance, although she cannot take seriously his proposal of marriage. Fortunately, the earl's closest friend is in need of a governess for his young children, and for the first time in quite a while the courageous young woman is able to enjoy a congenial relationship with an employer. Secrets from the past, however, threaten to cut short this idyllic time and destroy all chance for happiness with the man she has come to love in spite of everything.

Ms. Calvin demonstrates a first-class talent for Regency storytelling that will make her a real favorite with discerning readers. (Aug., 223 pp., $3.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer