Miss Rosellen Lockharte has only one more night to live, according to what she overhears from her sickbed after a violent strain of influenza lays out most of the inhabitants of Miss Merrihew's Select Academy for Young Females of Distinction. So why not write to all the people whose actions have contributed to her current ignoble status?

The worst of the lot is the handsome Viscount Stanford, whose careless refusal to let his sister hire her as a companion led her into one humiliation after another. The viscount, however, has his own problems trying to track down a French spy. But when his travels take him near the school, he decides to look up the termagant and discover the truth about her allegations for himself.

What he finds shocks him enough to remove the lady forthwith and take her back to London. Will his life ever be the same again?

A stylist of the highest order, Ms. Metzger dishes up this tasty romance with her usual dash and verve. (June, 215 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer