A favorite Regency storyteller spins a touching tale of a gallant soldier determined to protect the woman he has come to love.

Although initially skeptical about the match her wool merchant father arranges with a haughty baronets son, Miss Lorna Maitland nevertheless feels it her duty to write to him while he is abroad serving with Wellingtons forces. And as their correspondence develops, she discovers a man capable of friendship, tenderness and respect. Naturally, she looks forward first to his homecoming and then to a happy wedding.

Little does she know that her prospective bridegroom is not the author of the letters she so treasures. But Major Stephen Rutledge knows who is really responsible for Lornas expectations and decides to accompany his fellow officer back home to make sure the lady will be happy. But at what cost to his own heart?

Ms. Kirkland tailors her appealing characters with delightfully unique style in this enjoyable romance. (Mar., 216 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer