A month before Lady Jane Verey and her mother travel to London for an official introduction, a man calls late at nightand a bit drunkto ask for Jane's hand in marriage.

To form a family alliance, Alexander, the Duke of Delahaye, has pressed his brother Philip into asking for her hand in marriage. Thinking quickly, Jane disguises her appearance and plays the part of an unattractive dimwit justifiably eager to accept Philip's attentions. He hastily flees back to London!

In London, the gossips are eager to catch sight of the plain country bumpkin being foisted on the duke's brother. But Jane is beautiful and witty. The duke is determined to bring Jane and Philip to the altar. But how will he do that when Jane is doing everything in her power to thwart his plans?

Nicola Cornick brings you right into the story. Her characters interact well with each other and their banter is clever. This book is written more like a traditional Regencywitty but not sensual or sexy, as expected in a longer historical. SENSUAL (Apr., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera