Image of The Missing Dough (A Pizza Lovers Mystery)


Image of The Missing Dough (A Pizza Lovers Mystery)

The newest Pizza Lovers Mystery mixes murder with southern small-town charm. The suspense is sustained throughout this entertaining mystery as a wide array of suspects and motives are introduced. The charm comes from the locals who feel like family and the sisters who make a formidable sleuthing team.

Eleanor Swift and sister Maddy are happily serving up delicious pizza at A Slice of Delight in Timber Ridge, N.C., until Maddy’s ex-husband Grant makes a surprise appearance. Grant declares that he is going to win back Maddy, but Eleanor is suspicious of his intentions. When Grant causes a ruckus with Maddy’s new fiancé Bob at the Founder’s Day Festival, Eleanor knows trouble is brewing. Grant is later found stabbed in the chest with a barbeque skewer and Bob becomes the prime suspect. Then Maddy learns of her mother-in-law’s recent death and a possible inheritance. With more suspects than available toppings on a pizza, Eleanor and Maddy track down a ruthless killer. (KENSINGTON, Dec., 256 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin