Image of The Missing Ink


Image of The Missing Ink

This first-person story launches an interesting new series for the author of the mysteries featuring police reporter Annie Seymour. Olson uses the fresh setting of an upscale Las Vegas tattoo shop (but unlike many cozies, this has no do-it-yourself features!) for a fast-moving tale with quirky but affectionately portrayed characters. Although stubborn, Brett never becomes too stupid to live in her determination to solve the mystery.
The tension is kept at a high pitch.

Tattoo shop owner Brett Kavanaugh is drawn into the disappearance of a bride when the young woman makes an appointment but never shows. She'd wanted a heart with a name embedded in it, but when the police arrive, Brett finds out that her fiance's name wasn't the name in the heart. Soon another woman is killed and Brett is stalked by a large, bald, tattooed man; seeing a sexy Brit who's the manager of a luxury hotel and connected to the missing woman; and followed by a menacing white van. Is it any surprise she can't tell who her friends and enemies are? (OBSIDIAN, Jul., 320 pp., $6.99)
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Page Traynor