This installment in Whiddon's series about the magical world of Rune
starts out very well. The relationship between Cenrick and Dee progresses nicely, and the mystery is absorbing. However, some characters seem
superfluous, and the ending has a
number of inconsistencies and happenings that need an explanation that's not given.

A number of Fae have returned from the human world to the world of Rune soulless, their magic gone. King Roark sends his son, Cenrick, to discover why. Dee Bishop, a cop on suspension, is trying to find out what is happening with her close gay friend and fellow cop, Mick. She's in for a shock when she discovers Cenrick hiding in Mick's garage and learns that Mick is not an orphan, he's Cenrick's cousin and also Fae. They end up working together to solve the mystery of missing magic in time to save more Fae and perhaps the whole land of Rune. (Love Spell, Nov., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley