Image of Missing Mark


Image of Missing Mark

Kramer continues her Riley Spartz series with another entertaining and intriguing novel. The author's background in
TV news allows her to give an inside look at this cut-throat business through the eyes of a very likable protagonist. Kramer's characters, plotting and pace are spot-on in this excellent follow-up to her award-winning first novel in the series, Stalking Susan.

TV reporter Riley spots an intriguing newspaper ad: A wedding dress, never worn, is up for sale. Maybe there's a story there that would interest her audience -- and her boss. After contacting the would-be bride, Riley learns that the groom never showed up for the wedding. Even several months later, family and friends have not heard from him, and there's been no activity in his bank account. Riley's investigation uncovers surprising secrets, and an amusing side story about the kidnapping of a fish from an aquarium rounds things out. (DOUBLEDAY, Jul., 288 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters