Image of Missing Mother-To-Be


Image of Missing Mother-To-Be
MISSING MOTHER-TO-BE (4) by Elle Kennedy: The Kelley Family saga continues in this convincing tale of a mercenary’s redemption and a kidnapped woman experiencing Stockholm syndrome. Tender scenes are well balanced with fast action and ruthless captors. Lana Kelley, daughter of Senator Hank Kelley, meets Deacon Holt in Paris. When she discovers that she is pregnant from their one-night stand, she searches in vain for Deacon. She is abducted — and Deacon is one of the kidnappers. When they met, he was supposed to be tailing her. Despite his part in Lana’s abduction, Deacon realizes he loves her. But helping her escape might get them both killed.
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett