On the seventh anniversary of his wife's death, homicide detective Luke Kirby skips his family's support session and heads to their cabin in Estes Park, CO.

Taking refuge in the cabin is a badly injured woman. Due to a head wound, she is unable to remember her identity. Luke begins to suspect that something is wrong and that "Goldie," as he names her, may be running from something. Bad weather hinders their return to town and before they can leave, they're under attack. Barely escaping, Luke realizes he needs to get to the bottom of this fast. His two brothers inform him of a missing scientist named Prudence Knight whose father was murdered at Merryweather Biotechnologies.

John Knight's death was only the first act in a complex and deadly plot. Until Goldie regains her memory, they're working at a terrible disadvantage.

This rounds out the marvelous Lonesome Lawmen Trilogy. The wonderful characters from previous books are back, making this a truly exciting, engaging read! Talented author Pauline Baird Jones' star is on the rise! (Apr., 342 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith