Image of Into the Mist


Image of Into the Mist

With its mist-shrouded village, an
ancient elder and a bridge that spans time, Sinclair's fantasy should seem farfetched, but it doesn't. At first a reader might wonder where this book is going, but all the questions, lost memories, anguish and hope are tied together neatly and explained, and the characters are lovable and special.

Carrie knows only what she's been told, her first name and that she must visit the mystical village of Renaissance to regain her memories after she stumbles into a library covered in blood. It's Christmas Eve, but for her there's no magic in the moment -- only horror at what may have happened and desolation that she may never know who she really is. Once in the village, she meets Emanuel, Clara and others who claim things will be all right.

Frank has his own demons. A tragic accident, a nightmare surgical schedule and hopelessness send him to a mist-shrouded village. There he finds that life cannot go on until the past is laid to rest. He wants to find that peace with Carrie, who has turned his heart back into a living organ. (Medallion, Feb., 384 pp., $7.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith