McPhee spins a lovely Cinderella
story with a leisurely pace; appealing though two-dimensional characters;
a predictable plotline; and a happily-ever-after gothic ending.

As companion to her spoiled cousin, Kathryn Marchant accompanies her to balls and soirees, hiding in the background so as not to arouse her aunt's wrath and slipping into the library for a moment of peace, when Nicholas mistakes her for his mistress. His error places Kathryn in jeopardy and has him wondering what it would be like if she were his mistress.

Fate presents Nicholas with the opportunity to "hire" Kathryn as his grandmother's companion and free her from her aunt's tyranny. But being in the same house as Nick is far too dangerous to her heart since the temptation to fall in love with him is so easy. Little do they realize that a ruthless enemy is out to destroy their newfound happiness and Kathryn's life. (Harlequin, Sep., 296 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin